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Want to check out the ongoing #hist299 convo on Twitter?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

 Try a search for #hist299 to see our ongoing #hist299 twitter conversation this fall. A great exchange of research tips happened yesterday with seasoned UMW History alums offering advice from their own recent experience with research projects.

Thanks to Joe Calpin (on Twitter at @BakhtinJali), Caitlin M. (@ModernSelkie), Maggie Greene — a UMW History alum who is now finishing a Ph.D. in History at UC San Diego — (@mgreenesd) and others who lent their own experience to the online chat (hello and many thanks to Greg! @zhongruige). 

Here’s a list of 299 classmates talking research on Twitter with the gang thus far, if you’re looking for folks to follow: @MabieUMHist , @jessUMWHist , @KatieUMWHist , @emileUMW . 

A tip: Twitter’s a great place for research conversation that’s simultaneously casual and constructive. Feel free to join the convo, ask Q’s, share inspirations and frustrations (politely, of course, as always.)

If you have any questions re: Twitter, technical or otherwise, feel free to drop Professor Fernsebner a line.

 Image credit: X-Ray Delta One  CC licensed at Flickr

Twitter Tips

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

We’ve got #hist299 rolling as a hashtag for folks who are interested in sharing their research with others via Twitter this fall.

Twitter, of course, is a universe of its own, with a variety of voices “tweeting” on topics from the mundane to the profound (or, perhaps, something approaching it.)

A few tips for those joining in on our own convo this fall:

How do I get started?

Set up your own Twitter account for History 299 (see @jessUMWHist and @MabieUMWHist for good examples).

How do I join the conversation? 

Add #hist299 to any tweet you’re sharing that’s relevant. Tagging a tweet allows for folks to find conversations on a shared topic on Twitter.

Hey, how do I follow those tagged conversations?

There are several ways. One can do a search on Twitter, for example.  Or one can setup a free tool – Tweetdeck is one popular example – that lets you create columns for following different tags, for sorting messages that are coming to you directly, for groups of users you’re following, and more.

For example, here’s a Tweetdeck screen with a #hist299 search column added. Tweetdeck will feed every post that’s been tagged with #hist299 to this column, even if the tweet was made by someone you are (or aren’t yet) following…


Here’s a closer look at the column, and at tweets that are tagged with #hist299. Drop Prof. Fernsebner a line if you have any Q’s or need help!