Twitter Tips

We’ve got #hist299 rolling as a hashtag for folks who are interested in sharing their research with others via Twitter this fall.

Twitter, of course, is a universe of its own, with a variety of voices “tweeting” on topics from the mundane to the profound (or, perhaps, something approaching it.)

A few tips for those joining in on our own convo this fall:

How do I get started?

Set up your own Twitter account for History 299 (see @jessUMWHist and @MabieUMWHist for good examples).

How do I join the conversation? 

Add #hist299 to any tweet you’re sharing that’s relevant. Tagging a tweet allows for folks to find conversations on a shared topic on Twitter.

Hey, how do I follow those tagged conversations?

There are several ways. One can do a search on Twitter, for example.  Or one can setup a free tool – Tweetdeck is one popular example – that lets you create columns for following different tags, for sorting messages that are coming to you directly, for groups of users you’re following, and more.

For example, here’s a Tweetdeck screen with a #hist299 search column added. Tweetdeck will feed every post that’s been tagged with #hist299 to this column, even if the tweet was made by someone you are (or aren’t yet) following…


Here’s a closer look at the column, and at tweets that are tagged with #hist299. Drop Prof. Fernsebner a line if you have any Q’s or need help!



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